How to Change or Replace Your Headlight in Hagerstown, MD

Illumination loss from a burned out headlight or taillight can create a more dangerous driving experience. Fortunately, replacing your vehicle’s headlight is typically a fairly simple endeavor. That’s why Massey Hyundai in Hagerstown, Maryland wants to help you with instructions on how to change your headlights and taillights yourself in a few quick steps.

Halogen high-intensity-discharge (HID)  or light-emitting-diode (LED) bulbs are usually easily replaced as they are normally held in place by thin wire clips or rotating bayonet-style retainers. These bulbs can be quickly popped out from behind the headlight housing, unplugged from wiring, and swapped for a working bulb. It is important to keep in mind, when changing a headlight, it is vital to avoid touching a new bulb’s glass, since contamination by the natural oil from your skin and small amounts of dirt can cause early failure.

  1. Consult your owner’s manual to determine which bulb is right for your vehicle

  2. You can typically access your headlight’s bulb by opening the hood and removing the lamp connections at the back of the headlight housing

  3. Older square or circular sealed-beam headlamps have a bit of a different replacement process. They are usually retained by a thin metal ring screwed in to the lamp’s shell assembly. The retention ring’s screws are easy to loosen from the front of the vehicle. Sometimes, other bright front-end trim must be removed first

  4. A harness plug under the hood at the back of the lamp slides on and off the lamp’s copper terminals

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