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  • Jerry Massey
    877-356-9697 ext. 117

  • Faith Massey
    General Manager
    877-356-9697 ext. 119

  • Diane Wolford
    Office Manager
    877-356-9697 ext. 118

  • Dezzy Massey
    877-356-9697 ext. 113

  • Megan Berkey
    Title Clerk
    877-356-9697 ext. 121

  • Kelsey Moore
    877-356-9697 ext 100

  • Chris Gaston
    Sales Manager
    877-356-9697 ext. 104

    Introducing Chris Gaston

    Chris Gaston is a Hagerstown, Maryland resident who now works as a sales manager at Massey Hyundai. He has enjoyed working at the dealership, especially because it's a family-run, genuine, and sincere company. Plus, his coworkers are incredible people with great personalities, which makes coming to work a treat, not a chore.

    Of course, it's not all work for Chris; in his off hours, he likes to spend time with his four children. You might also catch him watching Enter the Dragon or The Pursuit of Happiness, chowing down on eggplant parmesan or spaghetti, or catching a Pittsburgh Steelers game. If you were to send Chris on his ideal vacation, you might find him in a tropical place with sand, sun, and warm, inviting waters. But this is just a glimpse at the components of a man who compares his personality to the 2018 Genesis G80 3.3T Sport.

  • Doug Massey
    Sales Manager
    877-356-9697 ext. 103

  • Doug Potter
    Sales Consultant

    Massey Hyundai is proud to fill our dealership with the most talented and exciting people in Hagerstown and Winchester area. And when we find the right people, we like to talk about them.

    Although Doug currently lives in Hagerstown, he grew up in far Upstate New York in a town called Canton. When he's not spending time helping customers at work, Doug can be found out on the golf course or reading a book. To add to his list of favorite things, he enjoys a good steak, and his favorite movie is Rocky-the first one, of course.

    In addition to golf and reading, Doug cannot live without his family, and he appreciates the time he's able to spend with his children and grandchildren. He says he's very family oriented, and his dream vacation would be spending time in Vegas with his wife.

    This family mentality is why Doug likes working at Massey Hyundai. He claims the family atmosphere and teamwork at the company are the best things about working there. And if Doug had to choose what type of car best describes his personality, he would choose the Hyundai Sonata-fierce yet dependable.

    Choose the Staff at Massey Hyundai

    Massey Hyundai is lucky to have dedicated employees like Doug working at our facility. We don't just believe in treated our employees like family, but we also enjoy treating you, our customers, like family as well. If you'd like to meet Doug, the rest of our staff at Massey Hyundai, or just peruse our vehicle inventory, feel free to stop by the dealership at 1706 Massey Boulevard in Hagerstown. You can also feel free to contact us online or by phone at 301-739-6756. Our team is happy to help you find the vehicle you want, learn more about our dealership, apply for financing, or anything else that may be on your current wish list.

  • Tommy Lane
    Sales Consultant

  • Jim Hartman
    Sales Consultant

    Massey Hyundai Employee Bio: Jim Hartman

    Massey Hyundai wouldn't be the trustworthy, reliable dealership it is today without the kind, caring staff who strive for ultimate customer satisfaction. One of those employees, Jim Hartman, a sales consultant at Massey Hyundai, has been featured as the dealership's Employee Spotlight for the month of November. Jim is a Westernport, Maryland native who says he can't live without his cell phone - or barbecue ribs, his favorite food. When he's not at work, you might find Jim walking or watching his favorite movie, Spartacus. Give him more time away from Massey Hyundai for a vacation, and you will likely find him at the beach - it doesn't matter which one! His days spent at work, though, are enjoyable as well, especially thanks to his coworkers who mesh well with his self-proclaimed 4WD truck personality.

    Meet Jim at Massey Hyundai

    Visit Massey Hyundai today to meet Jim and have him help you pick out a new Hyundai model! Jim and the rest of our team are always happy and willing to help.


  • Chaz Campbell
    Sales Consultant

  • Stephen Saunders
    Sales Consultant

    Meet Steve Saunders

    Steve Saunders is a sales consultant at Massey Hyundai who grew up in Gaithersburg, Maryland. When he's not at the dealership, you might find him working in his vegetable garden, spending time outdoors, or eating one of his favorite foods - bacon, ham, and pizza from Papa John's. Ask Steve what his favorite movie is, and he'll immediately tell you "A Christmas Story." Luckily, he can get his fix of this movie when it airs for 24 hours straight on TBS on Christmas Eve each year!

    An ideal vacation for Steve would take place in the Caribbean, at a beach resort with no cell phones or Internet. Of course, this vacation wouldn't be complete without his best friend and wife, Tracy, whom he says he can't live without. As for his time at Massey Hyundai, there's never a dull moment thanks to his coworkers. The teamwork, in particular, is what keeps him returning to the job each day. "Everyone works together to get the job done," he says. Their love for Hyundai models doesn't hurt, either. In fact, if there was a car to best describe Steve's personality, he claims it would be the Hyundai Genesis G80 Sport.

    To meet Steve, explore the selection of new Hyundai models, or learn about service offerings available, visit Massey Hyundai today! Steve and the rest of our staff are happy to help you in any way we can. Simply get in touch for more information about our dealership or to arrange your visit!

  • RD Sutton
    Sales Consultant

  • John Boryk
    Sales Consultant

  • Yvonne Peterson
    Finance Manager

  • Trevor Widmyer
    Finance Manager

  • Matt Whetzel
    Service Director
    877-356-7116 ext. 126

  • Randy Mishler
    Service Advisor
    877-356-7116 ext. 125

    Introducing Randy Misher

    Randy Misher is a service advisor at Massey Hyundai who hails from Greencastle, Pennsylvania. When he's not at work, you may find him camping, chowing down on some seafood, or taking in his favorite movie, Holiday. When it comes time for a vacation, though, Randy dreams of a Caribbean beach, likely with his family, who he says he can't live without. He believes his personality embodies a Lexus model, and the best part about working at Massey Hyundai for Randy is interacting with all the people who visit the dealership.

    Visit Massey Hyundai

    To meet Randy Misher or any of the other stellar employees at Massey Hyundai, pay us a visit today! We're always happy to accommodate you and all of your automotive needs, whether you're looking for a brand-new Hyundai or require maintenance for your current model. Get in touch to let us know when you're coming by!


  • Rose Nelson
    Service Advisor
    877-356-7116 ext. 122

  • Donnie Smith
    Service Lane Manager
    877-356-7116 ext 125

  • Teresa Carpenter
    Service Advisor

  • Drew Smith

  • Micah Shatzer

  • Austin Whetzel

    Austin Whetzel

    A service technician in Massey Hyundai's service center, Austin Whetzel is an automotive enthusiast from Greencastle, PA. Reflecting his need for speed, Austin's favorite movie is the Nicholas Cage car classic, "Gone in 60 Seconds." The vehicle that best reflects his personality is the classic 1987 Camaro IROC-Z28, which came with a unique dual hood scoop design, rear disc brakes, and a G80 limited slip differential. During his free time, Austin likes to kick back and relax, and his favorite food is pizza. If he had the chance to go on a vacation anywhere in the world, he would head for the sunny beaches and laid back island life of the Caribbean in Jamaica. His favorite things about working at Massey Hyundai include the many opportunities provided and the chance to grow as a service technician and learn new skills on the job. Say hi to Austin when you stop in for maintenance or repairs!


  • Jose Ramirez

  • Justin Christian

  • Kurt Hansen
    Detail Manager

  • Romeo Castro
    Maintenance Supervisor

  • Ricardo Bibera

  • Matthew Ward

  • Dan Massey
    Parts Director
    877-350-9852 ext. 131

  • Brock Kinder
    Parts Counter
    877-350-9852 ext. 129

  • Colt Kinder
    Parts Counter
    877-350-9852 ext. 129

  • Isaac Massey