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  • Jerry Massey
    877-356-9697 ext. 117

  • Faith Massey
    General Manager
    877-356-9697 ext. 119

  • Diane Wolford
    Office Manager
    877-356-9697 ext. 118

  • Dezzy Massey
    877-356-9697 ext. 113

  • Renee Longerbeam
    Title Clerk

  • Kathryn Malone

  • Em Miller

  • Doug Massey
    Sales Manager
    877-356-9697 ext. 103

  • Trevor Widmyer
    Sales Manager

    Trevor Widmyer, a Sales Manager at Massey Hyundai does a great job and impresses his team daily. Hailing from Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, he loves spending time riding his Harley and taking his two dogs for hikes. If you'd like to impress Trevor, take him out for a good old-fashioned steak and watch the Fifth Element or Step Brothers. In addition, his dream vacation would be to go to Hawaii and explore the volcanoes, and he cannot live without his family and friends.

    If Trevor had to choose what car describes his personality, he'd choose the Hyundai Santa Fe because it's all-purpose with the capacity to take hikes and explore new places. What he loves about working at Massey Hyundai is that every day brings something new, and he enjoys meeting new people and learning about new cars.

  • RD Sutton
    Finance Manager

    At Massey Hyundai, we are so humbled to have such wonderful employees on our team. We know that we wouldn't be the trusted dealership in Hagerstown and Winchester without their consistent hard work and dedication, and one small way that we can say thank you is to honor them in our employee spotlight. Ricky Sutton, a Finance Manager here at our dealership. 

    Ricky grew up in Aurora, North Carolina. His favorite food is a chicken or steak burrito bowl from Chipotle, and his favorite movie is The Pursuit of Happyness. In his spare time, Ricky loves to travel-his dream vacation would be an African safari-and he also likes to simply stay busy. In fact, he actually cannot live without going to the gym. Ricky also has a hidden talent that allows him to stay busy…he loves to clean bathrooms.

    As for work, Ricky's favorite thing about working at Massey Hyundai is interacting with customers and assisting them throughout their car buying process. He believes that the one vehicle that best complements his personality would be the Hyundai.

    When you are in a need of a new car, be sure you head down to Massey Hyundai and meet Ricky. He'll be happy to tell you all about the financing process.

    Massey Hyundai has been providing Hagerstown and Winchester drivers with great vehicles at great prices for years, and we plan on continuing to be a great source for drivers for the foreseeable future. Whether you want to peruse our inventory, buy a vehicle, or simply just meet Ricky and the rest of the talented Massey Hyundai team, be sure to visit our dealership today at 1706 Massey Boulevard in Hagerstown. You can also contact us online or call us at 301.739.6756 to schedule a test drive, schedule an appointment, or learn more about our dealership.

  • Nicholas Datri
    Finance Manager

  • Stephen Saunders
    Sales Consultant

    Meet Steve Saunders

    Steve Saunders is a sales consultant at Massey Hyundai who grew up in Gaithersburg, Maryland. When he's not at the dealership, you might find him working in his vegetable garden, spending time outdoors, or eating one of his favorite foods - bacon, ham, and pizza from Papa John's. Ask Steve what his favorite movie is, and he'll immediately tell you "A Christmas Story." Luckily, he can get his fix of this movie when it airs for 24 hours straight on TBS on Christmas Eve each year!

    An ideal vacation for Steve would take place in the Caribbean, at a beach resort with no cell phones or Internet. Of course, this vacation wouldn't be complete without his best friend and wife, Tracy, whom he says he can't live without. As for his time at Massey Hyundai, there's never a dull moment thanks to his coworkers. The teamwork, in particular, is what keeps him returning to the job each day. "Everyone works together to get the job done," he says. Their love for Hyundai models doesn't hurt, either. In fact, if there was a car to best describe Steve's personality, he claims it would be the Hyundai Genesis G80 Sport.

    To meet Steve, explore the selection of new Hyundai models, or learn about service offerings available, visit Massey Hyundai today! Steve and the rest of our staff are happy to help you in any way we can. Simply get in touch for more information about our dealership or to arrange your visit!

  • Brian VanWinkle
    Sales Consultant

  • Kyle Reboulet
    Sales Consultant

  • Dain Hightower
    Sales Consultant

  • Tajiana Hart
    Sales Consultant

  • Kaitlyn Hollinger
    Sales Consultant

  • Donnie Smith
    Service Manager
    877-356-7116 ext 125

     Here at Massey Hyundai, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Whether you come to us to find your dream car, finance or lease your next vehicle, or have service or maintenance completed, our associates work hard to accommodate your every demand and desire, and always with a personal touch. Get to know Mr. Smith before scheduling your service appointment with us to see what he and our mechanics can do for you!

    Introducing Donnie Smith

    Mr. Donnie Smith is a committed, friendly, experienced employee at Massey Hyundai, as we mentioned, Mr. Smith is a service manager here at our dealership who grew up in Martinsburg, West Virginia, but now lives here in Maryland with his wife and kids-all of whom, of course, he can't live without. In fact, his favorite thing to do in his spare time is play games with his children.

    A few other fun facts about Mr. Smith: he loves to eat tacos, and if you gave him the choice to watch any movie, he'd pick Warrior. When he has some time off from work, you might find him in The Bahamas-at least, that would be his ideal vacation. Working at Massey Hyundai is made all the more enjoyable by the people he works with, as they're the best part about his job at the dealership. And if there were a car that best matched Mr. Smith's personality, he says it would have to be the Chevrolet El Camino, a classic coupe that was produced through the 80s.

    Visit Massey Hyundai Today

    When you visit Massey Hyundai, you'll have the opportunity to meet Mr. Donnie Smith and the rest of our staff. Give us a call to arrange a test drive or a routine oil change!

  • Randy Mishler
    Service Advisor
    877-356-7116 ext. 125

    Introducing Randy Misher

    Randy Misher is a service advisor at Massey Hyundai who hails from Greencastle, Pennsylvania. When he's not at work, you may find him camping, chowing down on some seafood, or taking in his favorite movie, Holiday. When it comes time for a vacation, though, Randy dreams of a Caribbean beach, likely with his family, who he says he can't live without. He believes his personality embodies a Lexus model, and the best part about working at Massey Hyundai for Randy is interacting with all the people who visit the dealership.

    Visit Massey Hyundai

    To meet Randy Misher or any of the other stellar employees at Massey Hyundai, pay us a visit today! We're always happy to accommodate you and all of your automotive needs, whether you're looking for a brand-new Hyundai or require maintenance for your current model. Get in touch to let us know when you're coming by!

  • April Margetson
    Service Advisor

  • Micah Shatzer

    Micah is a professional technician at our locally owned and operated Hagerstown dealership.

    Micah loves working at Massey Hyundai because he's always learning something new. When he's not operating on cars in our state-of-the-art garage, he might be riding around on a golf cart with a good drink, or secretly wowing the crowd while kicking around a soccer ball. If it's vacation time, you're bound to find him somewhere warm with a beach. Wherever he goes, he's sure to be surrounded by his family and friends, the two things he can't live without. And if you want to be friends with Micah, buy him a good steak or watch "Gone in 60 Seconds" with him.

    If Micah were a car, he'd be the sleek and sporty Genesis Coupe, with lots of power under the hood, but soft and welcoming within.

    The Massey Experience

    Massey Hyundai has been locally operated and owned for over 50 years. We offer our valued customers a wide variety of services for a full auto-buying experience, with everything from sales of new and used vehicles to financing to automotive repair. Our highly trained team members promote a reputation and atmosphere of excellence and professionalism, ensuring that every patron who's visited us over the decades has an outstanding customer service experience.

    Massey Hyundai offers high quality new, usexd, and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. Our CPO Hyundai feature:

    • 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain limited warranty

    • 10-year/unlimited mileage roadside assistance plan

    • 173-point quality assurance inspection

    When you buy a car from us, you'll get extras like white glove vehicle delivery and a free full tank of gas. Once you choose your car, our service doesn't stop! We'll work hard to keep your vehicle in great condition when you need service, repair, or an inspection. Our friendly associates are here to help when you need them most. We also offer services like Saturday repair and maintenance, as well as shuttle service while your vehicle is in the garage.

    Massey Hyundai For Your Automotive Needs

    Come see Massey Hyundai and experience the difference! You can call us at (877) 356-9697 or come see us at 1706 Massey Blvd. in Hagerstown today.

  • Romeo Castro
    Maintenance Supervisor

    In our 50 years of servicing the community, we at Massey Hyundai have learned that a dealership is nothing without its excellent staff. Romeo Castro. Hailing from right here in Hagerstown, Romeo is a family man who loves tending to his garden in his spare time. When he's not working, gardening, or spending time with his loved ones, Romeo can often be found watching movies, specifically those of the action and horror genre.

    If you want to get to know Romeo better, try asking him about his favorite Hyundai vehicles (especially the Genesis), or his genuine enthusiasm for Japanese food. If he has it with him, you might even get the chance to hear him strum a little guitar for you. Although he loves his home, his dream vacation is to take a cruise. An adventurous sort, he doesn't care where the destination is-it's the journey that interests Romeo.

    Romeo is happy to be a part of the Massey Hyundai family. To him, it has the best company policy and the best people to work with, and he loves that part the most.

    About Massey Hyundai

    At Massey Hyundai, we've been serving the people of Hagerstown, Winchester, and beyond for fifty years now, and in that time we've shown ourselves to be among the best dealerships out there. From selling new and used cars to vehicle service, we're truly a one stop car shop, and we work hard to give you the best service possible. That's why we offer flexible maintenance schedules, including Saturday repairs, and give you a free full tank of gas when you buy one of our cars. But we wouldn't be able to do it without generous and hardworking employees like Romeo Castro, or customers like you.

    Come Visit Romeo and Massey Hyundai Today

    Drivers across Hagerstown and Winchester can visit Massey Hyundai and check out our comprehensive inventory and generous employees, such as Romeo, at our lot, located at 1706 Massey Boulevard in Hagerstown. And if you have any questions about our many services and options, you can contact us online or over the phone at (877) 356-9697.

  • Dan Massey
    Parts Director
    877-350-9852 ext. 131

  • Brock Kinder
    Parts Counter
    877-350-9852 ext. 129

    Massey Hyundai understands that we wouldn't be the dealership we are today without the dedication and work ethic of our employees. This month, our Employee Spotlight is on Brock Kinder who works at our Parts Counter. Thanks to his consistent effort, Massey Hyundai can continue to support and assist our customers every time they visit our service department.

    Brock grew up in Falling Waters, West Virginia. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his son. After all, the thing he cannot live without is his family, so it makes sense he would spend time with them whenever possible.

    When Brock is not at work or hanging out with his family, you may find him enjoying a good steak and watching Good Fellas, his favorite movie. In addition, he may also be planning a nice little getaway to Antigua Island in the Caribbean.

    One thing that most people don't know about Brock is that he's great in math. The next time you're at Massey Hyundai, go ahead and challenge him with a math problem or two to see just how good he is.

    As for work, Brock loves Massey Hyundai because he enjoys the fun atmosphere. And if you were to ask Brock for a suggestion on a new vehicle, he'd likely point you in the direction of the 2017 Genesis G90.

    Let Massey Hyundai Help

    At Massey Hyundai, we have a wonderful service department and parts department that are here to help serve you. If you need assistance or maintenance with your vehicle, let our team-including Brock-help.

    Visit Brock at Massey Hyundai Today

    Whether you want to stop in and meet Brock or simply want to take a look at our inventory or let our service department help you, visit Massey Hyundai today and let us fulfill your needs. Our dealership is located at 1706 Massey Boulevard in Hagerstown, so feel free to stop by. If you'd like to schedule a test drive or apply for vehicle financing, give us a call at 301-739-6756 or contact us online. We are always here to help, so choose Massey Hyundai today.

  • Colt Kinder
    Parts Counter
    877-350-9852 ext. 129

    Meet Colt Kinder, who works in the Parts Department at Massey Hyundai. Colt grew up in Falling Waters, WV. When he isn't at work, you might find Colt fishing, watching the movie Gladiator, or spending time with his wife - who he says he can't live without! In fact, Colt says his idea of a dream vacation is simply staying home, enjoy his favorite meal: good, old fashioned meat and potatoes. His traditional, easygoing demeanor is mirrored by the Ford Bronco, a multi-purpose vehicle that went out of production in the late 1990s. And he enjoys heading to work every day because of his coworkers, who he says are like family.

    Get to know Colt and the rest of the Massey Hyundai team by visiting our dealership for all of your Hyundai needs!

  • Isaac Massey