September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and Massey Hyundai is participating in the automaker's efforts to support the community and the children who so bravely face this despicable disease. Learn how your efforts can benefit this noble cause through the Hyundai Hope of Wheels' Give Hope a Hand event, and help put an end to childhood cancer.

Give Hope a Hand-How You Can Help

We ask that all of our customers join us in the Give Hope a Hand campaign, through which you can send messages to those affected by pediatric cancer. Whether it's a statement of solidarity or an encouraging sentiment, these messages go a long way to inspire those who are battling cancer, and reminding them that they aren't alone in their fight.

What's more, Hyundai Hope on Wheels will donate $1 for every message posted to a grant-winning hospital, up to $10,000 in total. All you have to do is visit the webpage and submit your message, and you'll join thousands of other Hyundai customers in supporting those battling childhood cancer. We appreciate your support and positivity.

What is Hyundai Hope on Wheels?

Pediatric cancer is unfair, unexplainable, and ferocious, and the souls that battle it are beyond inspiring. Hyundai seeks to honor those in this fight and push for breakthrough research through Hyundai Hope on Wheels. The program awards major grants to research centers that continuously seek treatments and cures, in an effort to put an end to children's suffering because of this horrid disease. With each Hyundai vehicle that is purchased, the automaker and its dealers around the United States make a donation to Hyundai Hope on Wheels.

When 2017 comes to a close, Hyundai Hope on Wheels will have distributed $130 million to research institutes across the country. Grants will be awarded to the likes of Dr. Wolfson, Pediatric Oncologist, with the University of Alabama at Birmingham, who is attempting to understand why outcomes differ in adolescents and young adults with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

As a result, Hyundai has become one of the largest private funders of research into pediatric cancer. Not only does the automaker want to improve standards of care and expand knowledge about childhood cancer, but also to pinpoint a cure as the ultimate goal - and provide hope.

Lend a Hand with Massey Hyundai

Please join us this month by providing hope and help, so that we may end childhood cancer. Thanks to your efforts, we can truly make a difference in the lives of children and families impacted by cancer. For more information, and to learn how to donate, do not hesitate to contact the team at Massey Hyundai for more information.


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